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The Real Reasons Why You’re Stuck

Today, we're here to help you with three reasons you might be stuck or plateaued in your musical progress and give you solutions to fix them!

Ever found yourself knee-deep in YouTube videos or feeling overwhelmed from the daunting "do it yourself" approach to mastering your instrument? 👀 If you're feeling stuck, frustrated, or simply not making the progress you crave, you're not alone. Let's dive into the three things that might be holding you back and how Woodwind Academy is here to untangle the musical maze for you!

➡️ Thing #1 Holding You Back: YouTube Overwhelm!

Okay, yes, YouTube is not completely terrible. In fact, we're on YouTube ourselves, and there's some good advice there! BUT, it's easy to get lost in the video vortex and end up completely confused. We've seen this a lot with our students before they find us, hopping from one tutorial to another without a clear path to follow (maybe that sounds like you? 👀). You end up with a lot of (mostly) good knowledge, but it's scrambled, and you actually waste time trying to sift through and find what pieces are relevant to you. Do you need to work on tone from this masterclass series, or should you start with this double-tonguing tutorial?

➡️ Thing #2 Holding You Back: The Jigsaw Puzzle Approach

Maybe you've already started to invest in your musical adventure and tried some different parts of programs or one-off classes. Buying tiny parts from here and there is like having a puzzle with missing pieces. You might have some info, but it's not the whole picture. Think about it as attending a bunch of different music schools with different teachers. While they all might be totally awesome, your head might explode, and you ultimately feel stuck. (By the way, we totally recommend shopping around before you invest, which is why we're offering a free trial of our program....keep reading...)

➡️ Thing #3 Holding You Back: DIY'ing it

Are you a self-taught learner? Or maybe you've taken a few private lessons but are mostly just trying to figure things out? Learning music on your own is totally awesome, but sometimes, you just need a bit more guidance to really hit your musical stride. It's like going on a road trip without a map – you might make progress, but wouldn't it be nice to have a guide who knows the way? (or the best donut shops...). And not just any random person too, someone who has professional training in what you're trying to do and has already gone through the steps so you don't have to.


⭐️ Now, enter stage left: Virtual Woodwind Academy – your musical lifesaver that's here to rescue you from the land of being stuck! ⭐️

Imagine this: You've got everything you need, neatly laid out in a musical roadmap. Woodwind Academy isn't just about tutorials; it's your all-access pass to a complete musical journey – from nailing practice hacks to playing solo or with your band with full confidence and a beautiful sound!

But here's the real kicker – you're not in this alone. Think of us like your musical buddies, ready to spill all the insider tips, answer your burning questions, and make sure you're cruising on the right musical track. We've gone through all the hard work so you don't have to.​ ​ And here's the best part – we get it. Commitment is a big deal. That's why we're giving you a backstage pass to join Woodwind Academy for a free 7-day trial. Test the waters, see if it vibes with your musical groove, and decide if you want to join the musical party. It's honestly a little crazy that we're offering this, because it's hours of our hard work and expertise literally free for you to try out. But that's how much we want to make sure you can feel like it's the right fit for you.

Ready to shake off that stuck feeling and step into your musical potential? Try us out with a free trial! ​

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