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ATTN: Woodwind players

How would it feel if… 

You took your playing to the next level, without endlessly scrolling through Youtube searching for answers?

You could play those marches and fast passages in your band music at any tempo, no problem?

You felt super confident playing your instrument and could sight-read any piece you came across?


Virtual Woodwind Academy 

A year-long membership program that’s designed to give you ALL the training you need to level-up your playing, and finally reach your musical goals!

Study with professionals in a

go-at-your-own-pace course

Make your practice sessions efficient

(less time practicing, more time living)

Level-up your tone, technique,

intonation, and sight reading skills!

Who it's for

The self-taught woodwind player who is looking to fill in the gaps with their learning

Adults who are returning to their instrument after a long hiatus (20 years, 30 years, etc!)

Any woodwind player who wants to improve their practice routine and instrument technique - whether you play in a band, double on multiple instruments, or just play for fun at home!

And if you can play a few scales on your instrument, you can take this course! 


Ana and Amanda are two amazing musicians with the great ability to teach and encourage. They were able to accelerate my flute development way beyond my expectations. All this in a fun, low stress, non-judgemental and caring way.

I highly encourage anyone who is interested in supercharging

their woodwind musical abilities to seriously consider joining Virtual Woodwind Academy!”

-Domingo Rocha, flute player

Classical Music
Let me guess…

You have a piece of music on your stand that’s really difficult, and you still can't play it perfectly no matter how much you practice!

You’re not sure exactly what you need to work on to reach your goals (whether it’s learning that piece, improving your intonation…), and as a result you're feeling a little stuck. 

You don’t have enough time to practice, because you’re juggling work, family, and everything else life throws at you!


Hey there! We're Ana and Amanda

We’re Ana and Amanda, musical power-duo and professional woodwind players who met while studying at the Oberlin Conservatory! Amanda's specialties are flute and music theory. Ana's are clarinet and saxophone in both the classical and jazz setting.


Over the last 10 years we’ve performed as featured soloists, been interviewed for various magazines and podcasts, recorded albums, traveled nationally and abroad, and just really love making music and sharing it with other people!


However, our FAVORITE way of sharing music is through teaching. There’s nothing more exciting than helping someone else get into a new ensemble, learn a piece they’ve always wanted to learn, or fix a problem they’ve been having for years. We even exchanged lessons for a while online– Amanda taught Ana flute, and Ana taught Amanda improv lessons.

As our performing careers grew, we felt more and more that there was too much negativity and competitiveness in the music world, and also a lot of educational content that was hard for people (especially our adult students) to access.
For example, really the only way to study to become a professional musician is to basically spend $200,000K+ at a music conservatory and dedicate years of your life to the craft. 

But we set out to change that. 

So, together we gathered up all the most valuable things we learned in music college, surveyed THOUSANDS of adult woodwind players on what they need help with most, and Virtual Woodwind Academy was born!

How it Works

Virtual Woodwind Academy is a year-long, go-at-your-own-pace program made up of pre-recorded video modules, masterclasses, and office hours. The video modules cover practice strategies for your instrument such as breathing, tone, technique and articulation, as well as music theory, ear training and improvisation. 


We’re there for you all year to support you, whether it be through office hours, live masterclasses, or personalized practice support. And if you feel stuck at ANY time throughout the program, we want you to reach out and let us know! 

Two Ways to Join

50+ video modules

Attend Masterclasses live!

Masterclass replays

Community chat 

Office hours 

Personalized practice support


50+ video modules

Attend Masterclasses live!

Masterclass replays

Community chat 

Office hours 

Personalized practice support

We can't wait to see you inside and

help you reach your musical goals!

-Ana and Amanda

(your musical donut moms)

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