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The comprehensive online school for adult woodwind players

Build a practice routine that fits any busy schedule.

Become so great at intonation that you'll throw away your tuner.

Thrive with 24/7 support from professionals & a community of adult woodwind players by your side!

Get a Sneak Peak Inside!
(This is the music theory unit)

Academy Topics

divided into 3 go-at-your own pace units

Unit 1: Practice Strategies

- How to improve breath support and tone

- Develop a personalized warm-up routine 

- Get great with rhythm and timing

- New technique and articulation exercises

- Exercises to help with nerves!

Unit 2: Music Theory

- Learn intervals and chords... essential to intonation skills and learning music by ear!

- How to improve sight reading skills

- Identify phrases and structure in your music to make it 1000x more fun and easy to play!

Unit 3 : Ear Training & Improvisation

- Develop your tuning ear (you won't need

a tuner anymore!)

- Learn new styles of playing, such as

Latin Jazz and the Blues

- Make practicing more creative and fun 

- Perform your own improv with pre-recorded music

Marches! I loathe them! As a returning  player after 40 years, playing a march is near impossible, until I found Amanda and the Virtual Woodwind Academy!


Last week I was able to sight read a march and play most of it....correctly! I could not have done it without Amanda! She is simply amazing! Her positive feedback, patient nature and wealth of knowledge have made lessons invaluable!! I highly recommend the woodwind academy! 

-Gretchen Neary, flute player

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Two Ways to Join

50+ video modules

Attend Masterclasses live!

Masterclass replays

Community chat 

Office hours 

Personalized practice support


50+ video modules

Attend Masterclasses live!

Masterclass replays

Community chat 

Office hours 

Personalized practice support

  • What is the time commitment for the academy?
    You can watch the course content during your regular practice time. All you need is to allocate 10 mins a couple times per week to get the most out of the program! You can even listen to videos for review while cooking dinner, or going on a walk. We built this program to fit seamlessly into your life!
  • If I’m already in private lessons, what does the academy help with?
    We know there are some things you just don’t have time for in lessons, including music theory, ear training, and improvisation. Our instrument technique videos are also a great resource to support you in whatever music you’re practicing! So - Virtual Woodwind Academy covers music theory, ear training, intonation, rhythm, and practice habits OUTSIDE of your lessons. That way you can spend your lesson actually playing the music you want to work on, not talking about key signatures for 45 minutes!
  • How long do I get access to the videos?
    When you sign up, you get access to everything for a year. That’s all of the videos, handouts, practice guides, and masterclass replays at your fingertips for the entire year. If you choose to purchase lifetime access as well, you obviously get to have the academy forever! Virtual Woodwind Academy members also get to come to every class and workshop we offer throughout the year. Remember those classes on flute tone, intonation, or improv? You’d get those for FREE!
  • What if I can’t make it to masterclasses and office hours?
    We have regular (monthly) office hours for you to ask questions and play for feedback, as well as monthly masterclasses. You are not required to attend all of them, and heck if you don’t make it to anything– that’s fine too! Everything is recorded for later viewing. If you have questions you’d like answered during office hours, we send out an office hours question form for you to fill out. Then you can watch the replay later!
  • Can I sign-up for just one or two units?
    Yes you can! The cost for each individual session is $500, and we offer payment plans for that too. Just let us know which session/s you want to attend and we'll email you a special sign up link :)
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