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Hi, let us introduce ourselves!

Meet your enthusiastic, donut-loving, woodwind-loving teachers! In our opinion.... the music world can get a little competitive. So we strive to always uphold a positive, supportive place for our community to learn in :)


Amanda Dame

Co-Founder and Flute Teacher

Soloist and chamber music artist, six-time 1st place award winner, Flutist at Duo Sila, former special educator and teaching artist, degrees from the Oberlin and Peabody Conservatories.

Listen to Amanda's album here.


Casey Kearney

Oboe Teacher 

Oboist and English Horn player in the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, reed-maker and repair educator, degrees from the Oberlin and San Francisco Conservatories.

Read more about Casey here.


Ana Nelson

Co-Founder and Clarinet/Sax Teacher

Internationally-acclaimed jazz artist, adjunct faculty at Indiana University, Presser Graduate Music Award winner, degrees from Indiana University and Oberlin Conservatory.

Listen to Ana's album here.

Our Story

We founded Virtual Woodwind Academy in July of 2020 with the mission of bringing accessible education to adult learners. We believe that making music brings joy, fosters creativity, creates community, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of it. 

 Over the past 3 years we've grown a vibrant community of over 800 adult learners who play woodwind instruments, and have helped more than 100 people through our program.

We've engineered Virtual Woodwind Academy to bring exactly what our people asked for. Over the go-at-your-own-pace program, we cover practice skills (including tuning, timing, technique), music theory and interpretation, and ear training through improvisation.

Virtual Woodwind Academy includes a mixture of live and pre-recorded classes, so you can go at your own pace and ask us all the questions you have along the way. 

We go in-depth about..

Solidifying your practice habits

Including time management, creating a practice schedule that works for you, perfecting intonation, practicing timing, and maximizing efficiency.

Jazz improvisation

Our most popular special topic! Perfect for any musician who is new to improvisation and wants to start learning jazz on their instrument. 

Mastering your music theory skills

Learn how to interpret your music to play more musically, and gain music theory knowledge that you need for interpretation!

Additional resources at your fingertips

This includes, but not limited to: unlimited access to us for questions, special guests (TBA!), classes on recording, forming a chamber group, and getting over performance anxiety.

Sound interesting?

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