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Our Story

We founded Virtual Woodwind Academy in the summer of 2020 with a mission to bring conservatory-level education to adult amateur musicians. We believe that making music brings joy, fosters creativity, creates community, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to study music at the professional level. 

 So over the past 3 years we've worked with and surveyed HUNDREDS of adult learners! We've engineered the Virtual Woodwind Academy to bring exactly what our people asked for. Over the three month program, we cover practice skills (including tuning, timing, technique), music theory and interpretation, and jazz improv for classical musicians.

Our summer program includes a mixture of live and pre-recorded classes, so you can go at your own pace and ask us all the questions you have along the way. 

We go in-depth about..

Solidifying your practice habits including time management, creating a practice schedule that works for you, perfecting intonation, practicing timing, and maximizing efficiency

Mastering your music theory skills.. Learn how to interpret your music to play more musically, and gain music theory knowledge that you need for interpretation!

Jazz improvisation... our most popular special topic!! Perfect for any musician who is new to improvisation and wants to start learning jazz on their instrument. 

As well as:

- unlimited access to us for questions

- special guests (TBA!)

- classes on recording, forming a chamber group, and getting over performance anxiety

Hey there! We're Ana and Amanda.

We met while studying music at the Oberlin Conservatory... and are essentially a musical power duo! (who love donuts.. hard to tell in the photo but we're wearing donut sun hats)

Amanda's specialties are flute and music theory. Ana's are clarinet and saxophone in both the classical and jazz setting.

We poured all our knowledge and experience together into a fun, virtual, highly educational summer program for adult learners!



“Ana and Amanda have created a virtual academy that offers one of the best all-inclusive woodwind experiences in the country. They are both high-profile performers and educators who are masters of their craft. All serious musicians should SERIOUSLY take advantage of the opportunity to participate in one of these camps.”


- Christian Howes, founder of Creative Strings Academy

Sheet Music


I love that you are gearing this toward adult amateurs.  I found that, when I first started playing the flute- as an adult, so much is geared toward children.  I really appreciate finding resources geared for adult amateurs!"

Sheet Music


Being a part of a workshop like this, and working as someone trying to learn saxophone on their own, is a real kick in the pants! I noticed a huge improvement in my playing, and came out in much better shape. 


Want to get to know us a little more individually and hear us play?
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