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Virtual Woodwind Academy presents...

Intonation Bootcamp for Woodwinds

Instrument-specific guidance on how to play in tune in your ensemble!

(see notes on specific topics below)

classes are May 29-30 

Can't attend live? sign up and we'll send you the replays!

Schedule of Events


May 29 at 3pm ET 

How to hear if you're in tune and adjust intonation quickly, how to blend your sound in your ensemble.


May 30 at 3pm ET

Flute: tuning high notes and low notes, intonation tendencies for piccolo, keeping intonation consistent with dynamics

May 30 at 3:30 ET

Clarinet: altissimo range, remove fuzzy sounds, intonation tendencies with reeds

May 30 at 4pm ET

Saxophone: blending sound, proper reed placement, confidence with high notes

**oboe: your sectional training is pre-recorded and you'll get access on the 29th!!

Hey there! We're Ana and Amanda.

We're the donut-loving, professional musician power-duo who founded the online school Virtual Woodwind Academy! It's a self-paced program for adult woodwind players, and we're so excited you found us.

We wholeheartedly believe EVERYONE deserves to reach their musical goals, no matter what age. Our goal is to make music learning easy AND fun for you. This intonation class is just a little taste of what we have to offer! 

Who "Intonation Bootcamp" is for...

The self-taught woodwind player who's ready to "fill in the gaps," or adults who are returning to their instrument after a long hiatus

Doublers who need help with their secondary instruments or learning to switch instruments quickly


Adults who play in community bands who need help with their sheet music

Here's a selfie from our last class! It's a fun time 😁
Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 8.44.32 PM.png

"Ana and Amanda are amazing musicians with the great ability to teach and encourage. They were able to accelerate my flute development way beyond my expectations."

Domingo R, flute 

"As someone trying to learn saxophone on their own... I noticed a huge improvement in my playing, and came out in much better shape!"

Mike S, sax

Ready to join us for the intonation bootcamp?

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