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How to fix fast runs in your band music!

Is your band music giving you some headaches? 🤦‍♀️

Contrary to popular belief, playing that fast passage over and over again for hours isn’t going to actually fix it 👀 All you’re gonna do is waste valuable time that you COULD spend living! (or getting donuts...)

But do not fear, we're coming to help you out!!! 


Ever heard of "practice makes perfect?" Wellll a better phrase is actually "practice makes HABIT."

Playing a tricky passage the same way on repeat isn’t going to help it sound any better (as much as we wish it would!!) It might help your muscle memory, but that muscle memory won’t serve you if the passage is at all messy or any notes aren’t speaking. 

We don’t want you forming ANY bad habits. In fact, we’re all about breaking them and developing good ones!

Soooo...we have a better system for practicing fast passages that doesn’t take a lot of time and gets AMAZING results. We both use this in our own music and it has worked for us for years!!! Besides, who wants to spend all day practicing!?

Let's work smarter, not harder! We have the solution right here in our Fast Fingers Workshop. Go circle that annoying fast part in your band music and get ready to fix it forever! 💕

Love your woodwind academy teachers,

Ana and Amanda

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