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Ana and Amanda bust common classical musical myths!

A girl playing flute with her nose.
Ana playing flute with her nose!

Hi! Ana here, I hope you are having a beautiful weekend! Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret formula to mastering your instrument? (I definitely have ... 👀)

Well, unfortunately the truth is, there’s no magic trick—it’s all about hard work, dedication, and the right guidance. And I'm really tired of seeing things on social media and youtube trying to convince you otherwise! "Master your instrument forever with this one trick!" "Buy this thing and you will sound like Emmanuel Pahud."

To illustrate this further, pictured above is me playing flute with my nose. (I'm not actually sure what the point of this picture was besides me and Amanda having fun at a photo shoot...which is another component of playing music, fun! I get into that in a little bit...)

No instrument, mouthpiece, book, or even course is going to guarantee you success on your instrument if you don't put in practice, and be PATIENT and KIND to yourself with your progress.

(I wrote a whole email before about my flute journey and how humbling it was to begin an instrument anew as a professional clarinet/sax player so trust me I've been there).

But, just because getting better on your instrument is a journey, doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the process! (and you should!!) There is so much JOY and discovery in making music...finding new music you love, progress milestones to reach, and finding new friends to collaborate with!! And now it's time to bust some classical music myths!

Sooo I wanted to put together a list of best practices/questions to ask yourselves that WE'VE found to actually help you on your journey

Musical Components to Success :

➡️ Community - Are you in a community that's supportive of your journey and growth as a musician (and person?) Do you feel motivated to show up and connect with them?

➡️ Masterful Instruction - Are your teachers knowledgeable on their instruments, and can they teach specifically for YOUR age level (as we all know, teaching young children and adults are two completely different things). Do your teachers care about your development? Are they learning and challenging themselves to grow as well?

➡️ Being Challenged - Are you in an environment where you're able to play, getting to listen to others play, and getting recommendations based on your specific needs? You should be playing music that's fun, but is also something to work up to

➡️ Curiosity and Play - are you approaching your instrument with joy and wonder rather than fear and shame? There's a bunch of studies (that I'm not going to cite) that learning occurs best when you're having fun and not overanalyzing things. Think about "flow state." This is one of the reasons I love jazz improvisation so much!!

➡️ LISTENING to music - you should be incorporate listening to music into your daily life! It doesn't have to be a specific genre or instrument, but just listening to what inspires YOU! What do you enjoy listening to? What can you draw creativity from?

➡️ Practicing your instrument - sigh I know. No practice routine looks the same! Everyone has a different routine that is individualized (that's something me and Amanda do with our students ) You should be working on things that highlight YOUR strengths and weaknesses, and a routine specific to you and your schedule. And if you're doing it right, practicing can be fun!!

So there you go! Playing an instrument is a journey, but it should be as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

Like I said, NO COURSE, PROGRAM, OR LATEST MOUTHPIECE GADGET (I don't care what anyone tells you) can replace time, hard work, and practice BUT working with teachers and a community you trust is the guaranteed best way to improve on your instrument (that's literally what a music school is and how we patterned Virtual Woodwind Academy).

We’re re-opening enrollment for our program next week with a special sale that you won’t want to miss. Keep your eyes peeled for more details—exciting things are on the horizon!

Also.... did I miss anything on my musical success list? What else would you include?

With love,

Ana and Amanda

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