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Best Intermediate Solos for Flute

As a teacher who specializes in working with adult amateur musicians, I HAD to create a list of intermediate flute solos! You guys ask all the time about this.

In my opinion, you're at the intermediate level after you've finished the intermediate Rubank book. At that point, you're ready to explore some challenging repertoire, and these pieces are all significant flute solos that should be in your musical library at some point!

  1. l'Arlésienne 2nd Menuet by Bizet

  2. Pan by Donjon

  3. Syrinx by Claude Debussy

  4. Schumann Oboe Romances

  5. Garibaldi Etudes Mignonnes 

  6. Telemann Fantasias (a great precursor to learning Bach)

  7. CPE Bach Sonata in A Minor If you're an adult amateur who does not have a flute teacher yet, you are welcome to book a free trial lesson! Just send me a message and I would love to set up a time to meet.

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