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if you selected "yes" for the practice class, all that info is on its way to your email!

just one more thing before you go...

We've got a special, one-time offer for you that's

gonna help your breath support

and it's only $27 if you grab it right now (ie. when you click away from this page it's gone!)

Access our Breathing and Air Support masterclass ...for life!

because us woodwinds need air, right?


Not sold yet? let's dive a little deeper!

Normally, the only place to find a class like this is at Virtual Woodwind Academy. But we wanted to give you some awesome tips on breathing that you could implement into your playing right now! 


 In this class we cover:

How to maximize lung capacity to play longer phrases


Using breath support to improve you tone and intonation


Mindfulness and relaxation exercises to combat nerves


Ready to level-up your breathing and make practicing easier?


Sign up below to access one of our favorite classes of the year! 

PS.. the tips from this class help in other areas of life of our participants shared that the exercises she learned really help with swim aerobics!

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