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Ready to improve your practice routine?

Download your personalized practice checklist today!
Improve and level-up your playing
in a judgement-free zone

Virtual Woodwind Academy is the go-at-your-own-pace online school for amateur adult learners just like you!

Timing, intonation, music theory, and more.. we're here to support woodwind players on their musical studies by bringing professional-level training to your home. 

Hey there! We're Ana and Amanda.

We met while studying music at the Oberlin Conservatory... and are essentially a musical power duo! (who love donuts.. hard to tell in the photo but we're wearing donut sun hats)

Amanda's specialties are flute and music theory. Ana's are clarinet and saxophone in both the classical and jazz setting.

We poured all our knowledge and professional experience together into a fun, virtual music program for adults...


And have been so fortunate to be able to help over 100 adult learners so far through Virtual Woodwind Academy! (I mean, just check out some of their feedback below...)


What people say...

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Soooo... interested in joining this awesome group of musicians and leveling up your (woodwind) game?

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Join us in our program Virtual Woodwind Academy!

Because you deserve to accomplish all your musical goals. We're here to help you and cheer you on!

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