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The Virtual Woodwind Academy Pre-Sale!

Build a practice routine that fits any busy schedule.

Become so great at intonation that you'll throw away your tuner.

Thrive with 24/7 support from professionals & a community of woodwind players by your side!

special one-time sale just for you! (72 hours only)

Pre-Sale closes once 72 hours is over.

You don't need to feel stuck when practicing or spend hours looking through Youtube for answers.

We made an online music school for you that fits your schedule, delivers the information you need to improve your playing... and it's all info you normally get at a music college.


But unlike a music college which costs $50,000 a year on average... Virtual Woodwind Academy is only $127 $97 per month.

Academy Topics

divided into 3 go-at-your own pace units

And why do ya need all 3?? Because we believe hands down that they're the 3 secret ingredients to success on your instrument. We've surveyed 1000's of adult woodwind players and these units cover what people ask for MOST! 

Unit 1: Practice Strategies

  • How to improve breath support and tone

  • Develop a warm-up routine that helps you reach your goals

  • Get great with rhythm and timing

  • Clean up those fast passages with new technique and articulation exercises

  • Exercises to help with nerves!

Unit 2 : Music Theory

  • Learn intervals and chords... essential to intonation skills and learning music by ear!

  • Get comfortable with sight reading

  • Identify phrases and structure in your music to make it 1000x more fun and easy to play!

Unit 3 : Improvisation

  • Apply your knowledge of intervals & chords from the previous unit so develop your tuning ear!

  • Jazz scales, harmony and improvisation 

  • Learn popular jazz standards

  • Make practicing more creative and fun - great for when you're feeling stuck!

  • Perform your own improv with pre-recorded music!


Last year, I was so very fortunate to enroll... Ana and Amanda are two amazing musicians with the great ability to teach and encourage. They were able to accelerate my flute development way beyond my expectations. All this in a fun, low stress, non judgemental and caring way.

I highly encourage anyone that is interested in supercharging their woodwind musical abilities to seriously consider joining these two lovely ladies at their virtual woodwind academy!”

-Domingo Rocha, flute player

Included in Your Enrollment

A course library of over 50 instructional videos and assignments

Monthly office

hours and live masterclasses with Ana and Amanda

Access to the group chat - connect with and support your classmates!

We're ready to celebrate and support your musical goals!

Enroll in Virtual Woodwind Academy today! ​

(all videos + office hours schedule are emailed to you upon receipt of payment)

Pay all at once for $1097
Pay monthly for $97 (12 total payments)
Frequently Asked Questions


The regular total cost for the Academy is $1447. For the Pre-Sale it's discounted to $1097 or 12 payments of $97. We designed our program to be a FRACTION of the price you would pay for a similar program at a music college.


Let us explain: To attend a music college, you would typically pay $50,000 PER YEAR. They're also incredibly competitive to get in to, and there aren't any quality programs we know of that are all-virtual and go-at-your-own-pace. 

We felt that the world needed a program for adult learners. Whether you've been playing for 5 months or 5 years, we feel strongly that you deserve the opportunity to recieve a well-rounded education on your instrument. Does this sound good to you? Click to sign up!

1. What is the total cost for the Academy?

2. What is the weekly time commitment?

We estimate that the weekly time commitment will be 2-3 hours when you are actively working through a unit. However, it's designed to be go-at-your-own-pace, so do what feels comfortable! 

We also hold office hours once per month throughout the year, and once per week during the summer months. You don't have to attend live, because everything will get recorded and put in your course library!

4. For how long will I have access to the recordings?

Normally, you have access during the academy from June to August. However, because we're so freaking grateful for your survey feedback, you don't have to wait for the recordings! As soon as you enroll we'll show you how to log in to your course portal, and everything is there. You get to access it for an ENTIRE YEAR. Plus, you can get 1:1 feedback from us in the office hours!

5. Can I sign-up for just one or two units?

Yes you can! If you're only interested in attending a portion of the academy, just reach out to us and we'll adjust the monthly payment plan. You'll still get access to whatever units you select for a whole year :) Also, as a reminder, the 3 units are Effective Practice Strategies, Music Theory Mastery, and Jazz Improv for Classical Musicians.

7. How often do I get help throughout the program?

During the academy, you have access to us THE ENTIRE TIME! So in between the times we meet, you can email us clips of your playing for feedback and ask unlimited questions.  

We will be there with you every step of the way making sure you are getting the support you need and all your questions answered. 

Do you have additional questions? Send us an email at!
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