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Tuesday, May 24th, at 6:30pm EST


To a FREE workshop on.... how to build an effective practice session

that works for you! 

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We hear musicians beat around the bush A LOT with that phrase "practice makes perfect." Have ya heard it before? It's taught to us from the beginning that the longer we spend practicing and playing our instrument, the better we get.... 🙄


Well... we're here to tell you that it's not true. Yes, sure, practicing for a long time may help some...


But not if you're practicing something the wrong way, or spending time on things you don't need to practice. 


That's why we're gonna help you strategically build a practice session with your goals in mind... because we don't want you wasting time practicing the wrong things. (We know y'all are busy 😉)

The workshop covers:

🎶 How to structure your practice session to get the most out of it

🎶 What warm-up exercises you need to include to fix things like intonation, articulation, fast fingers, and a good tone 

🎶 How to use music theory to play with musicality and interpretation


🎶 How to make your practicing fun!