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Thank you!!

We really appreciate the time you took to fill out the survey, and we look forward to sharing some helpful practice tips in our email list if you opted to join!

More helpful tips happen in our Facebook group...

click here to join!

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Also, before you go...

Wanna know how we (as professional musicians) managed to shorten our practice time from 6 HOURS to ONE??

Well... it's actually pretty straightforward. 

It's all about knowing WHAT to practice. 

And we've got a workshop for that!

Building An Effective Practice Routine
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Monday, May 9th at 6pm EST

And... you also get lifetime access to it! 

(cuz we know ya got busy schedules 😉)

This class is usually $37.. but as a thank you, we'd like you to have it for $17!

This class is for you if:

You're feeling frustrated by things like....

  •  fast notes in your music

  • playing in tune reliably

  • having trouble with high notes

  • wanting to improve but are"feeling stuck"

You want to have more fun on your instrument and make practicing more creative

You feel like you don’t have enough time to improve or have to wait until you are less busy


(cue in family, work, rehearsals...)

Some of the feedback we've received:
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