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Hey there, fellow clarinet player! 


I want to tell you that it is possible to:


learn how to make your practicing and playing more creative


play high notes and articulate with ease!


produce a tone quality you are proud of


Say goodbye to bad tone days altogether!

Your clarinet routine... 

Everything you need to know to improve your clarinet practice in 4 classes

Classes are evenings (EST) of Nov. 29, Dec. 6, 13, and 20th
What you'll learn...

  • We'll be hitting on all the things: tone, proper embouchure, breathing, articulation, technique tips, and improvisation. 

  • Everyone who signs up gets to play in the class for feedback, OR email me questions for feedback!

Class Schedule

all classes are at 6 pm EST and held over Zoom

November 29

6 pm EST

Breathing & Air Support

Strategies to improve air support, maximize lung capacity and play longer phrases

December 6

6 pm EST

Embouchure and Tone

How your face and reeds should be set up to maximize air flow and play loud and soft with ease!

December 13

6 pm EST


How to tongue notes with ease, and improve speed! We'll be talking about the mechanics of tonguing and specific exercises you can implement in your practice.

December 20

6 pm EST

Make practicing fun by using improvisation in your practice routine, and get started learning how to read music off the paper!

Jazz Improvisation 101
And if you're over there like....
hey, I want access to all of them!
Then you can claim them all for just $81 (25% discount!)
Some of the feedback we've received:
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