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Virtual Woodwind Academy pre-sale!

Where adult learners go to receive a conservatory-level education

One semester at a music conservatory costs $30,000

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So we designed a program for you with the same materials... but for only $1447


Finding time to practice. Playing in tune. Perfecting your tone. Metronome work. Tackling those fast passages. Interpreting your music. Putting improvisation into your practice routine...

There's so much to learning your instrument.

And that's why the Virtual Woodwind Academy is here!

What You'll Get:

- Unlimited access to us beginning right now... + monthly office hours!

- Immediate access to all of the course videos (and we'll add more in June!)

- Be in a community of like-minded adults who share your love of music

...basically, it's still *technically* a summer academy but since it's a go-at-your-own-pace course as well, you can get started right now :) 

Masterclass Topics Include:

1. How to find time to practice

2. Interpreting and phrasing music to play with musicality

3. Developing a rich tone so you can always sound your best!

4. Consistency with breathing and breath support

5. Jazz Improvisation and playing by ear

6. Overcoming performance anxiety

...and so much more!






The academy is divided into 3 go-at-your own pace units; Effective Practice Strategies, Music Theory Mastery, and Jazz Improvisation. 


We created our course to work with your busy schedule, so our academy contains a mix of live and pre-recorded classes. You get a full-access pass to all material to work on in your own time.

Unit 1: Effective Practice Strategies
  • Developing a beautiful tone on your instrument, including embouchure, breath support, and intonation.

  • Finding time to practice/time management

  • Strategies to perfect rhythm and timing

  • Articulation and technique exercises

  • Overcoming performance anxiety

Unit 2 : Music Theory Mastermind - turn the notes into music!
  • Using music theory to play with musicality

  • Developing your own musical voice

  • Reading and understanding chords

  • Intervals, phrasing and scales studies

Unit 3 : Jazz Improv for Classical Musicians
  • Introduction to jazz harmony and improvisation

  • Jazz scales, modes and chords

  • Learning popular jazz standards

  • How to make practicing more creative using improvisation

  • Perform your own improvisations with pre-recorded music!

Included in Your Enrollment


The entire 2022 course library (with videos and assignments) to work through at your own pace

One live office hour call per month all year long with Ana and Amanda (a group video call where we answer your questions!) 

 A spot in the 2023 academy where we will cover more advanced topics and have virtual performance masterclasses (as well as weekly office hours!) 

Are you excited? We are! 

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Ready to take charge of your musical journey?

Frequently Asked Questions


The regular total cost for the Academy is $1447. However, the sale price right now is $997! We designed our program to be a FRACTION of the price you would pay for a similar program at a music conservatory.


Let us explain: The average tuition PER YEAR at a music conservatory is $50,000. They're also incredibly competitive to get in to, and there aren't any quality programs we know of that are all-virtual and go-at-your-own-pace. 

We felt that the world needed a program for adult learners. Whether you've been playing for 5 months or 5 years, we feel strongly that you deserve the opportunity to recieve a well-rounded education on your instrument. Does this sound good to you? Click to sign up now!

1. What is the total cost for the Academy?

2. What will the weekly time commitments be?

We estimate that the weekly time commitment will be 2-3 hours when you are actively working through a unit. However, it's designed to be go-at-your-own-pace, so do what feels comfortable! 

We will hold office hours once a month from November 2022 to May 2023, and during the program from June to August, office hours will be weekly!

4. For how long will I have access to the recordings?

You have access to everything through August of 2023! PLUS... we'll be adding more videos and units in June when the program *technically* starts ;)

5. Can I sign-up for just one or two units?

Yes you can! The cost for each individual session is $500, just let us know which session/s you want to attend and we'll email you a special sign up link :)

7. How often do I get help throughout the program?

During the academy, you have access to us THE ENTIRE TIME! So in between the times we meet, you can email us clips of your playing for feedback and ask unlimited questions.  

We will be there with you every step of the way making sure you are getting the support you need and all your questions answered. 

Do you have additional questions? Send us an email at!

Your investment for Virtual Woodwind Academy is:

six payments of



one-time payment of



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